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Web updates (continued)

I managed to get a bit of new content up recently and i have also pretty much sorted out the old stuff section which i am happy with. [...]

What's been happening.....

Well not a lot really, i still have not got the old stuff section fully finished because i have been playing games. However i am hopi [...]

Old Stuff Section (Half Done) and other news

I have recently been working on the old stuff section of the website, this section is about what it suggests a place to put all the o [...]

Peter The Slug Who Lives Under The Cooker

We have had a slug that moved into our house who comes out on a night time, he has been a resident for a few months now. Once you go [...]

I managed to get fun stuff section up

I got the fun stuff section sorted today and it is live now, i still have got things to sort out but it is getting there. Once i have [...]

Snow, snow and snow

So it's been heavy snowing these past couple of days in northumberland england and i have mostly stayed inside which has allowed [...]

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